The state with the most total NCAA Division I men’s basketball victories all-time is tied for 10th in total national championships among the 50 states. That rules out California, North Carolina and Indiana.

Any guesses?

It’s the Empire State — New York.

And that shouldn’t necessarily be a huge surprise. New York has 22 active DI programs, which ranks third nationally, behind only California (26) and Texas (24). Plus, the math adds up if you think about the state’s location on the East Coast. The area was settled before most of the 50 states, leading to deeper histories with schools in New York.

Here are the 50 states, ranked by their total number of DI men’s basketball victories. Only wins at the DI level of active DI programs were counted in this list. The data includes games through the end of the 2020-21 season.

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Syracuse advanced to the Sweet 16 in the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

1. New York — 24,217 wins

As mentioned at the top, the state of New York is one of three states with at least 20 DI programs and 14 of them have at least 1,000 wins in program history: Army, Canisius, Colgate, Columbia, Cornell, Fordham, Iona, LIU, Manhattan, Niagara, St. Bonaventure, St. Francis, St. John’s and Syracuse.

New York is more than just New York City and while Syracuse or St. John’s is likely the first program in the state that college basketball fans think of, there are a lot more than just those two.

2. California — 21,738 wins

Even though California has a nation-high 26 DI programs, many of them are relatively new to the DI level. UC San Diego (one season of DI experience), Cal Baptist (three years of DI experience), Cal State Bakersfield (11 years), UC Davis (14 years), UC Riverside (20 years), Cal Poly (27 years), Sacramento State (30 years) and Cal State Northridge (31 years) are somewhere between a newborn and a millennial in their DI lifespan.

Cal, Stanford, UCLA and USC have rich, 100-plus-year histories but not all of the state’s 26 DI programs can say the same.

3. Pennsylvania — 19,382 wins

Pennsylvania is tied for fifth nationally with 14 DI programs, so between the Big 5 in Philadelphia, the Pittsburgh schools and Penn State — plus the rest — there’s a lot of wins in the Keystone State and maybe more than you realized.

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4. Texas — 19,578 wins

Based on its sheer geographic size and population, it’s no surprise to see Texas in the top five. Honestly, it’s almost surprising it’s not ranked in the top three, especially considering it has the second-most DI programs with 24.

But 10 of those programs have been competing at the DI level for 40 years or less, which means that while Baylor, Rice, SMU, Texas A&M, TCU and Texas have more than 100 years of DI competition to their names, roughly 40 percent of the DI programs in the state have less than half of that.

5. Ohio — 16,684 wins

Ohio has as many DI programs as Florida (8,200 wins entering the 2021-22  season) and Illinois (11,982 wins), yet Ohio has significantly more wins than both states and as many national championships as Florida and Illinois combined.

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North Carolina's Armando Bacot was a third-team All-ACC selection in 2021.

6. North Carolina — 15,995 wins

Despite a rich basketball tradition, North Carolina’s average lifetime wins per school is lower than one might think: 889.

But with 18 DI programs, including Duke, North Carolina, NC State and Wake Forest, there’s a lot of talent and a lot of national championships in this state.

7. Illinois — 11,982 wins

The 13 DI programs in Illinois have combined for just one national championship (Can you name which school won it? The answer is at the end of this article.) but their collective win total ranks seventh nationally.

8. Virginia — 11,957 wins

Virginia is one of two states with 14 DI programs, along with Pennsylvania, but Pennsylvania has more than 7,000 more wins.

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Trevion Williams led Purdue in scoring and rebounding in 2021.

9. Indiana — 11,669 wins

The Hoosier State is synonymous with basketball, between the movie “Hoosiers,” many of the country’s largest high school basketball gyms being located in the state and Indiana University’s five men’s basketball national championships.

While Indiana is just ninth on this list, it ranks tied for 13th nationally in number of DI programs with 10, so pound-for-pound, its schools have an average of roughly 1,166 wins per school.

10. Tennessee — 10,787 wins

Tennessee has two more DI programs than Indiana but ranks one spot behind. That’s because schools like Belmont, Lipscomb and UT Martin have spent less than 30 years at the highest level of college basketball.

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11. Louisiana — 9,315 wins

LSU (1,602 wins at the time this data was collected) is responsible for more than 17 percent of the state’s DI wins.

12. Kentucky — 9,305 wins

Two states that are each home to an SEC school, Kentucky and Louisiana, have a narrow margin between their DI win totals but Louisiana leapfrogged Kentucky during the 2020-21 season, in part because of the Kentucky Wildcats’ nine-win season.

13. South Carolina — 8,778 wins

South Carolina is one of three states with 12 DI programs, along with Louisiana and Tennessee, but it has the fewest total wins of those states.

14. Florida — 8,200 wins

The fact that Florida’s DI men’s basketball programs have a collective win total that ranks 14th nationally is one of the bigger surprises from this study. With 13 DI schools, that’s an average of just over 630 wins per program.

But here’s why — the state only has one school that has played DI men’s basketball for at least 100 years, which is the Florida Gators, who just finished their 100th DI season in 2021.

15. Michigan —7,870 wins

The state of Michigan has just seven DI programs but when two of those schools — Michigan State and Michigan — have combined to win three national titles, that’s enough to keep Michigan ranked in the top 15 nationally.

16. New Jersey — 7,682 wins

New Jersey is one of two states with eight DI programs, along with Massachusetts, which gives the Garden State’s DI programs an average of roughly 960 wins per school.

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17. Utah — 7,058 wins

There are only six DI programs in Utah but three of them — BYU, Utah and Utah State — have each won more than 1,600 games, which does some serious heavy lifting for the state’s win total.

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Alabama's Jaden Shackelford led the team in scoring last season.

18. Alabama — 6,944 wins

While the football-crazy state ranks 18th in total men’s basketball wins, its wins-per-school average is among the lowest nationally at just over 690 per school.

19. Massachusetts — 6,815 wins

The Naismith Basketball Memorial Hall of Fame is in Massachusetts, a state where four of the eight DI programs have at least 1,000 wins.

20. Maryland — 6,447 wins

Maryland is the only state with nine DI programs. The Old Line State, however, has a pretty low average number of wins per program at roughly 716.

21. Washington — 5,933 wins

The five DI programs in the state of Washington have roughly 90 more wins per school, on average, than the four DI programs in Washington D.C.

22. Oklahoma – 5,672 wins

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State’s win totals were only separated by 21 wins at the time this data was compiled — 1,720 wins to 1,699.

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Ochai Agbaji was Kansas' leading scorer last season.

23. Kansas — 5,625 wins

The Jayhawk State has the highest average win total per school — 1,875.

24. Connecticut — 5,427 wins

Connecticut ranks tied for fifth in total men’s basketball national championships but just inside the top 25 in total wins.

25. Mississippi — 5,223 wins

Ole Miss and Mississippi State have combined for roughly 56 percent of the state’s wins.

26. Iowa — 5,028 wins

Iowa’s four DI programs have an average of 1,257 wins.

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27. Georgia — 4,999 wins

The Peach State is one of three states with six DI programs, along with Mississippi and Utah, and Georgia has fewer wins than both.

28. Colorado — 4,801 wins

Colorado has only been a DI school for one more season than Colorado State and the Buffs have won 55 more games than the Rams at the time I compiled this data.

29. Oregon — 4,762 wins

Oregon and Oregon State have combined for 3,510 of the state’s wins.

30. Missouri — 4,627 wins

Three of Missouri’s five DI programs — Missouri State, UMKC and SEMO — have each played fewer than 40 DI seasons.

31. Wisconsin — 4,525 wins

Marquette (1,664 wins) and Wisconsin (1,653 wins) are separated by just 11 wins.

32. Washington D.C. — 4,348 wins

How about Washington D.C., which ranks ahead of 19 (!) states. There are just four DI programs in D.C. — American, George Washington, Georgetown and Howard — but the two with the name “George” as part of their name have won more than 3,000 games combined.

33. Arizona — 4,242 wins

Arizona and Arizona State have combined for 3,204 of the state’s wins.

34. Rhode Island — 3,999 wins

Even though Rhode Island ranks 34th nationally in terms of wins, its four DI programs have an average of roughly 1,000 wins per school.

35. Arkansas — 3,496 wins

There are just five DI programs in Arkansas — the same number as Colorado, Missouri and Washington. However, the Natural State has fewer wins than the rest of them.

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36. Nebraska — 3,264 wins

Creighton has more than 70 more wins than Nebraska, even though the Huskers have been a DI school for 24 more seasons.

37. West Virginia — 3,259 wins

Think about this: West Virginia ranks 37th nationally even though it has just two DI programs.

38. New Mexico — 3,098 wins

Through the end of the 2020-21 season, New Mexico State had won 1,576 games, while rival New Mexico had won 1,522.

39. Idaho — 2,941 wins

The Idaho Vandals (1,353 wins) are responsible for 46 percent of the state’s DI wins.

40. Montana — 2,926 wins

At the time I collected this data, there was just a 14-win difference between Montana (1,470) and Montana State (1,456).

41. Nevada — 2,118 wins

The state of Nevada only has two DI programs but they’ve both both pretty successful to different degrees. UNLV has won 69 percent of its games all-time, while Nevada’s winning percentage is roughly 56 percent.

42. New Hampshire — 1,933 wins

Dartmouth is responsible for 1,319 of the state’s wins with New Hampshire chipping in the rest.

43. Minnesota — 1,677 wins

Remember, the state of Minnesota only has one DI men’s basketball program (Minnesota). So it’s No. 43 ranking is fairly impressive all things considered. Because of the Gophers and their lack of peers in the state, the state of Minnesota has the second-highest win total average per school.

44. Wyoming — 1,560 wins

Thanks to the Wyoming Cowboys — the state’s only DI program — Wyoming is one of five states in which the average all-time win total per school is at least 1,500 wins.

45. Delaware — 1,499 wins

The Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens are responsible for almost two-thirds of the state’s wins with the Delaware State Hornets adding the rest.

46. Vermont — 960 wins

The Vermont Catamounts are the only DI program in the state and they’re arguably in the midst of their most successful run in program history, winning at least 20 games in 11 seasons, from 2009 through 2020, including four NCAA tournament berths.

While two of those tournament appearances were as a No. 16 seed, Vermont was a No. 13 seed in its last two NCAA tournaments, which means the Catamounts have a shot at making the second round of the tournament soon if they keep earning similar seeds.

47. North Dakota — 863 wins

North Dakota and South Dakota both have just two DI programs but North Dakota has more than double the amount of DI wins as its southern neighbor.

48. Maine — 810 wins

At Maine’s DI win percentage of roughly 44 percent, it’ll take between 13 and 15 seasons for the Black Bears to reach the 1,000-win mark.

49. Hawaii — 786 wins

Hawaii has 51 DI seasons in the books so there’s a chance that when you, your parents or your grandparents were born, the Rainbow Warriors weren’t yet a DI program.

50. South Dakota — 451 wins

South Dakota and South Dakota State have just a combined 24 years of DI experience, which isn’t a lot. So while the Jackrabbits have won more than 65 percent of their games at this season and the Coyotes’ winning percentage is roughly 51 percent, the state doesn’t have enough programs or history to rank above any stat except Alaska.

51. Alaska — 0 wins

There are no DI men’s basketball programs in Alaska.

Trivia answer: Loyola (Ill.) won the 1963 NCAA men’s basketball national championship. Here is the complete list of every champion.

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