Pistons (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

At long last, the Detroit Pistons were able to feature No. 1 overall pick Cade Cunningham on Sunday night in the Las Vegas Summer League.

That game against the OKC Thunder went about as badly as possible after the first quarter and the Pistons ended up losing in a low-scoring, poor-shooting 76-72 battle. The Pistons get their shot at Vegas redemption on Tuesday night against the Houston Rockets and the No. 2 overall pick Jalen Green.

In advance of this marquee matchup, let’s get ready with three key things to watch for in Game 2 of the Las Vegas Summer League for both teams.

What to watch for when the Pistons play the Rockets: 1. Cade Cunningham versus Jalen Green, Round 1

There may be a healthy little rivalry fomenting between the Pistons and Rockets, and Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green. Not short on confidence, Green believed himself to be worthy of the top pick in the draft and wants to show the Pistons, the only team to pass on him, that he’s the best player in this draft, not Cunningham.

Conversely, Cunningham was the top pick and was expected to be for the entire season and then some, so he has a throne to protect as that consensus No. 1. While Cunningham will likely come out with the same approach he had in the first game against the Thunder, looking to set his teammates up for success, don’t be surprised if Green takes the burden on his shoulders in this game.

Does any of this matter? Not at all. This matchup is a fun sideshow (and smart of the NBA to schedule) to the actual nitty-gritty purpose of Summer League. Enjoy the festivities, but don’t get carried away with the narratives that are sure to arise from this game.

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