NBA trade rumors, Bradley Beal

NBA trade rumors, Bradley Beal Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the NBA trade rumors we’ve been expecting to see for years now, Bradley Beal is reportedly considering asking for a trade from the Washington Wizards before Thursday’s NBA draft.

While he’s staunchly refused to request a trade thus far, rather preferring to try to build a contender in Washington, intel from Beal’s camp via Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer suggests that the time may be coming swiftly.

Bradley Beal is reportedly considering asking for a trade before Thursday’s NBA draft. With NBA trade rumors abuzz, can Beal take these teams to the top?

This quote from Fischer’s piece tells the story:

“He knows he has to make a decision before the draft,” one source with direct knowledge of Beal’s thinking told Bleacher Report. For the past year, people familiar with Beal’s dedicated relationship to the Wizards have consistently rebuffed the notion he had interest in playing elsewhere. Yet a second source close to Beal, when contacted by B/R, confirmed the situation is now fluid.

A “fluid” situation is far from a guarantee that Beal wants out, but less smoke than this has led to fires when it comes to NBA trade rumors. As the Wizards continue to operate in mediocrity, it stands to reason that he may simply see that there is no future championship in Washington, no Giannis Antetokounmpo and Milwaukee Bucks-type marriage that can lead him to glory.

Of course, if he wants out, there will be no shortage of teams looking to get in on the sweepstakes, including teams he doesn’t have an interest in joining. However, the teams that he is reportedly interested in joining include the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat.

Which of these teams could he help lead to championship glory? Let’s take a look.

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