Ben Simmons, Golden State Warriors

Ben Simmons, Golden State Warriors (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors come into the NBA offseason with a collection of assets more typical of a rebuilding team than a contending one. They have two lottery picks in the 2021 NBA Draft in addition to last year’s second overall pick (James Wiseman) and a young guard who would go in the lottery of a 2019 NBA re-draft (Jordan Poole).

This is not a team keen on rebuilding, especially not after two straight years missing the postseason. With Klay Thompson set to return after missing more than two years due to injury, the Warriors want to make another run at a title around Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.

The Golden State Warriors could make a buy-low move on Ben Simmons. Here are three reasons that they shouldn’t trade for the disgruntled 76er.

If a trade materializes for another star player to add to that group, the Warriors will absolutely make their offer. The question is whether they should be looking at the next tier, at solid players who are not stars. After the Philadelphia 76ers flamed out of the postseason in large part due to the failures of Ben Simmons, the Australian point forward finds himself the subject of numerous trade rumors.

Should the Warriors take a look at trading for Ben Simmons?

What would a trade look like?

Recently we highlighted five teams that could make a play for Ben Simmons and detailed what a trade package could look like. For the Warriors, any package would have to be centered around Andrew Wiggins, and while he has improved his value over the past year in Golden State, he is still a less valuable asset than Simmons by himself. In that scenario, the Warriors sent Wiggins, Nico Mannion and their own 2021 first-round pick (14th) for Simmons.

A year ago, that trade looks like a no-brainer move for the Warriors and an instant rejection for the 76ers. Then Simmons quaked on the NBA’s biggest stage, yonking free throws and passing the ball at every opportunity to avoid shooting. His value has plummeted. The 76ers would clearly still be hoping for a better trade package, but let’s assume for the moment that they don’t have one.

Should the Warriors trade the above package for Ben Simmons? How would he fit with their current core, and would he help them towards their goal of winning a championship? It’s absolutely possible that he could. He was the Defensive Player of the Year runner-up, and adding Simmons would give the Warriors two of the three finalists for the award. That combination would be the backbone of a truly terrifying defense.

Yet there are other glaring reasons why it would not work out, especially on the offensive end. Therefore even if a trade was available to them without giving up a prime asset the Warriors need to walk away. Here are three reasons why they shouldn’t trade for Ben Simmons.

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