ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is the first to call people out for sensitivity, yet displays such behavior when in reverse, as shown by the Milwaukee Bucks. After being asked two days ago on First Take whether he would be ok with traveling to Milwaukee for the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals between the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks, Smith replied rather childishly with a “Hell No” and went to argue that it is cold in Milwaukee.

Additionally, Smith added remorse that the NBA Finals last season between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat would have been his favorite matchup to travel to, yet it was placed in the bubble. Furthermore, Smith said he would be rooting hard for the Atlanta Hawks to win the series to avoid the travel.

The city and the Milwaukee Bucks organization were not pleased for sure and may have taken it personally. However, they showed class and proposed an invitation to the hosts to come to their city.  A very fitting and gracious act on their part.

Smith was not moved, and instead of being gracious and accepting the offer, he spat back, saying, “The city of Milwaukee needs to grow the hell up.” It may have prompted a chuckle from his colleagues, but in reality, that statement alone is enough to end any professional and classy response that the city may wish to give.

Stephen A. Smith is the first to call people out for sensitivity, but can’t take as well as he can give, as shown by the Milwaukee Bucks.

The city needs to grow up? For defending themselves? They invited you, and you essentially threw mud back in their face, constantly citing the cold weather when it’s the summer right now. Twitter felt the same way about Smith’s disparaging comments and responded as only they could.

Additionally, there is a petition going around, attempting to “ban” the host from the city because of his insensitive comments towards them, while also citing his personal wishes such as the bigger markets like Los Angeles or Miami being in the biggest games. Sure, the Clippers are still in and represent L.A., but they don’t provide as much sizzle as the Lakers. Furthermore, even without the superstars, ratings for the NBA playoffs have soared this season.

This isn’t the first time Stephen A. Smith has complained about cold weather, which is rather laughable considering he grew up in New York and worked in Philadelphia as a beat writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Those cities are pretty cold if memory serves.

Additionally, during the Celebrity All-Star Game in 2020, Smith called out the city of Chicago for its cold weather while also delivering a heavy dose of trash talk to colleague and celebrity game opponent Michael Wilbon.

What followed was simply Wilbon winning the game in his hometown of Chicago and Smith getting the first technical foul in Celebrity Game history, prompting laughter from fans and other members of the NBA Community.  Smith then followed that up by coming on First Take the following show, crying foul and citing that the game was “rigged.”

If anything is to be learned, it’s that Stephen A. Smith is among the best at calling people out but gets sensitive when the tables are turned. It will be interesting to see what would happen if the Bucks were to win the NBA Finals. Maybe Smith would be invited to be part of the parade. However, weather-wise, it probably won’t be to his liking, because after all, he says it’s cold in Milwaukee.

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