Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Despite the NBA being around for nearly 100 years, only 35 different players have the regular season’s most valued award in the MVP.

Over the years, the definition of the award has become a bit confusing. At times, the best overall player that season is gifted with the award. In other instances, the best player on the best team is given the trophy.

Recently, voters of the award have placed an emphasis on the storyline of a particular player. Regardless of how exactly the winner is chosen, the league has seen a long list of all-time great players hoist the end of the season award. But with 35 players who were once considered the best player in the world, at least for that particular season, how do their careers stack up against one another?

In order to answer that, we took a close look at how every MVP winner performed throughout the entirety of their careers. Admittedly, this list isn’t one that is set in stone. With several MVP winners still playing today, those who are still active will the opportunity to move their way up this list at some point. Also, it doesn’t quite matter how many times a player took home the MVP award but more so how the rest of their careers shaped out.

Several names on this didn’t have strong arguments to be placed higher but before we spoil things for you, let’s jump into it.

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