Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

While the collective NBA fandom obsesses over every postseason matchup and subplot, for organizations like the Orlando Magic, thoughts have already turned to the future. There was the recent good news regarding the first-round pick coming the Magic’s way from the Chicago Bulls, while the feeling around the squad is now one of optimism.

Hard as it is to believe after some of the long-suffering weeks that formed a large part of the 2020-21 regular season, the front office of the Magic actually did a lot of good in how they managed to get rid of the core of this roster while getting something in return. Wendell Carter Jr. was strong early, while R.J. Hampton may end up being the steal of the various deals made.

So it was not all bad. On reflection, there were actually a number of players who stood out for all of the right reasons. No one player on the Magic’s roster had anything close to a complete season in terms of production and dominance, otherwise, they wouldn’t have finished where they did. Injuries played a part as well.

But there was enough to like about three players in particular who had a year worth talking about for the Orlando Magic.

This is all relative. What looks like a successful year for one player, could be seen as a regression for another. For example, Terrence Ross, who will not be appearing on this list to the surprise of none, clearly works better and has more notable output when coming off the bench for a competitive roster.

The Magic were not that from the moment Markelle Fultz went down, and so all of the good Ross is capable of providing was overlooked, as well as the fact he just couldn’t string together the kind of performances he has come to be known for. Except on trade deadline day. You better believe Ross won that. The following three players can feel good about their season in Orlando.

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