NBA playoffs Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

So far in the NBA playoffs, the young players have been one of the best stories to watch. Trae Young has become the biggest villain in Madison Square Garden since Reggie Miller. Ja Morant dropped 47 points on the Utah Jazz only to be outdone by Jayson Tatum’s 50 against the Brooklyn Nets a few days later. Luka Doncic has already become one of the most transcendent postseason performers in recent history, just nine games into his run.

This goes to show just how much young talent there is in the league. The focus is likely to remain on the older players building their resumes, like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. But the collection of young talent is at an all-time high and has the league in a place they can be proud of. So given all of that, who is next?

Ja Morant is taking the NBA playoffs by storm, but the next crop of young superstars is waiting in the wings. Who will be the next to make the leap?

This will focus on the teams that did not make the postseason this season and the young talent on those teams that we have yet to see make their postseason debut. These are the future stars in the league and some of the pillars that look to carry the next generation of contenders. None of these players have played more than three seasons yet. However, all of them feel like they are primed to take the next step.

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