The Los Angeles Clippers are among four teams in the Western Conference that have already clinched their spots in the playoffs. With six regular season game left to play the team finds itself in the third place in the West with 44 wins and 22 losses.

There are enough games for the Clippers to climb to the top, though the chances are not high even if they win all of the remaining games. As far as dropping down, they can not finish lower than the fourth place.

According to the team’s star Kawhi Leonard, the main concern for the Clippers is to come out of the regular season as the best team.

“Obviously the first seed gives you a better opportunity but I am not wishing or hoping we get to a certain spot. Just focused on ourselves right now and making sure we come out of the regular season the best team,” he said, per Andrew Greif.

After a disappointing exit in the second round of the playoffs last year, the Clippers are looking to make progress further and reach the NBA Finals this season.

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