Wesley Matthews Lakers

Wesley Matthews praised the Lakers for the way they played in the much-needed win (89-93) over the Denver Nuggets on Monday.

Matthews said the Lakers should keep playing with ‘heart’ and ‘hold each other accountable’.

“Just the heart, the togetherness. Being able to hold each other accountable and to be able to do that, you got to hold yourself accountable and put your foot in the ground.

Put your feet in the ground, feet in the sand, whatever the phrase is that you want to say or want to use and put it into it. And that’s what we were able to do. Obviously it’s one win, it’s a big win, but we need more.

We’re not just gonna be like ‘OK, we beat the Denver Nuggets.’ What about the last six games? We got to continue to build on what we did, enjoy this one and get back to scrapping and fighting again,” Matthews told reporters, via Lakers Nation.

Wesley Matthews returned to the Lakers lineup and had eight points (3/3 shooting) in 17 minutes of action vs the Nuggets.

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