LeBron James Anthony Davis
Photo: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are going through a tough stretch having lost six out of their last seven games. Most recently the reigning NBA champions were defeated by the Toronto Raptors.

After a strong start to the season, the Lakers had a whole bunch of their players miss games, mainly due to injuries. Arguably the biggest loss for the team was both of its stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis getting injured at roughly the same time.

Though Davis thinks that the outside issues such as Covid, short offseason can no longer be an excuse for the Lakers. “It’s just frustrating that we can’t get everyone healthy,” he said after the loss to the Raptors. “Well, I will say everyone available to play at the same time. That’s the most frustrating part. That can’t be excuse for us anymore to be honest. Everyone went through the whole Covid thing.

“Every team has players that missed games because of false positive test, positive tests, whatever. Every team has done this. That can’t continue to be excuse for us. A short offseason all that… We had time to get this things going.

“Like I said, we haven’t had enough games together or even enough practices together fully healthy to be able to get that rhythm that we need come playoff time. Our most important thing is to get everyone healthy and we just figure it out from there.”

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