Photo: Twitter Real Madrid RMBaloncesto

Vincent Poirier joined Real Madrid last month returning to Europe after two seasons in the NBA, where he played for the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Real Madrid’s superstar mentioned that the decision to leave the NBA and join the Spanish giants was not a tough one in a recent interview on the website of the French national team.

“I told my agent that – for the Olympics – I wanted to play and if I had to go back to Europe, I’d go back to Europe,” Poirier said (hat tip to Eurohoops).

“It really wasn’t a difficult choice,” Poirier continued. “I was very happy to sign with Real Madrid. The big man from France joined the ‘Whites’ on April signing a three-year deal with the club.

Poirier with Olympic tournament approaching admitted he opted in a situation to receive more play time as he was end-bench option during his two-year stint in the NBA.

“Maybe I would have thought about it a little more, give myself one last chance, one last chance to play there [the NBA], the Frenchman said on the possibility of remaining in the NBA before joining Real.

“But in view of what I was feeling, personally and the last months there, the decision was carefully considered. If the same opportunity would’ve arisen without the Olympics, I’d accept the proposal.”

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