Russell Westbrook
Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Russell Westbrook is four triples-doubles away from tying the all-time career record of 181 set by the great Hall of Fame point guard Oscar Robertson.

Westbrook added a 15-12-11 effort in the Washington Wizards 122-93 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Considering there still nine games to be played, Westbrook could break Robertson career record this season.

The Wizards’ superstar recorded 17 triples-doubles in his last 20 games leading the team back to playoff contention. During Oscar Robertson’s appearance on the “Hoop Du Jour” podcast earlier this week, the NBA legend gave his blessing to Russ.

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“I think he will (break the record). And I’ll be glad when he does because he’s a tremendous basketball player and athlete.

“I think it’s really something that sportswriters started getting on him – said, ‘he didn’t do this, he didn’t win the championship’ – and the kid, all he’s doing is playing MVP basketball every night,” Robertson said.

After Westbrook was informed about Robertson’s comments, the Wizards’ superstar expressed his gratitude claiming Robertson played in a tough era being an African-American athlete during the 60s.

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