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Photo: Twitter/NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers have ten regular season games left to play before the playoffs begin. According to a seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry, head coach Frank Vogel should tighten up the rotation to better prepare for postseason.

“I want to see Vogel tighten up that rotation,” Horry said on Spectrum SportsNet. “Because when go in into the playoffs you need to have a game plan and you can’t do that really right now because don’t have LeBron. I know a lot of guys’ feelings are going to get hurt, but hey you got to… to me, and I know I’m a little bit old school, but for me you got to go with eight guys because it gives those guys a better rhythm, a better flow to the game and some feelings are going to get hurt.

“Of course there might be some games where they’re ‘Okay, this guy didn’t play as well in my game plan. Let’s change it up. Now we bring this other guy up and you see how he does.’ So I just want to see them tighten that rotation up get some type of continuity and let them just play and say ‘Okay, this is a team that can win us another championship.’”

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