Anthony Davis
Photo: ftw.usatoday

Anthony Davis played his second game with the Los Angeles Lakers after returning from a calf injury. The 28-year-old forward saw his minutes increase from 17 to 28 as he continues his way to getting back in shape.

Despite finishing the game against the Dallas Mavericks with 17 points, Davis struggled with his shot. He made just 5 out of 19 shots.

However, AD felt great on the court as he revealed postgame. “I felt great,” Davis said. “Like I said, the wind was there. Each game I’m starting to get my wind back more. I felt fine physically. I was able to make a couple shots even though I didn’t shoot well from the floor, some shots start to go through the rim, free-throws and things like that. Every game I’m getting my rhythm back.

“It’s a tough one for sure having the lead going to the half and they were getting like a four-point lead in the fourth at one point. There’s a tough one W that we let go knowing that the Mavs are fighting to take our spot. I’m not sure if they did tonight or not but we gotta keep fighting.

“Well I think we got like 12 games left before the playoffs so these last 12 is gonna be crucial for us. We gotta be able to get some wins. But it’s a tough one for us. Orlando and D.C. are must wins for sure.”

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