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Last week was focused on injuries and how they were impacting the season and that has not changed one week later. Even if there is data to show that injuries are not more common this year than in previous seasons, the concentration of injuries of late sheds the spotlight on the problem even further.

The dog days of the season typically come in March, waiting for the season to end and hoping to get through the final weeks healthy. The play-in tournament is just over three weeks away and the playoff hopefuls are jockeying for position to either just get in or avoid the play-in altogether.

As the weeks roll along, a familiar team sits atop the NBA rankings, with another Western Conference contender slowly creeping up.

Before getting into the rankings this week, we would be remiss to not pay our respects to Terrence Clarke, the former University of Kentucky guard who passed away this week following a tragic car accident. The basketball world mourned the loss of potential, as Clarke was mere months away from realizing his dream of being drafted into the NBA. Watching Brad Stevens express despair about the loss of a Boston kid who his son looked up to was truly heartbreaking.

This story, much like the rest of the season, continues to be a further reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed. We should embrace every day with those we love and try to make the world better every day.

Now, let’s start the Week 18 Power Rankings.

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