Anthony Davis, LeBron James
Photo: Getty Images

Anthony Davis is expected to return to action later this week when the Los Angeles Lakers will be facing the Dallas Mavericks. He hasn’t played since mid-February due to a calf strain.

During that time the reigning NBA champions added center Andre Drummond who will impact the way that the Lakers run their offence.

According to Robert Horry, who won three of his seven titles with the Purple and Gold, when Davis and LeBron James return it will open more opportunities in offense for Drummond.

“It goes back to that old school type of game, a big and a big, not a stretch four,” Horry said on Spectrum SportsNet. “AD can go back to the way he played with Boogie, a guy who compete on the block.

“I look at Drummond, I get excited for all the offensive rebounds he can gobble up because everybody is going to pay attention to AD and LeBron. So that means he’s going to get to the basket easy so that’s going to allow a lot of offensive boards.

“I hope that he’s able to do that and just be Andre Drummond and not get caught up in ‘Hey, I got to score, I got to have some plays run for me.’ Look at what Dwight Howard did for the Lakers, look at what Mr. McGee did for the Lakers. This could be you and you could win another ring.”

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