Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Vince Carter thinks the Brooklyn Nets are the team to beat this season. The retired star, who finished his career last season, believes that the Nets are the title favorites, and not the defending champions Los Angeles Lakers.

Carter explained he wants to see the Lakers healthy to have a feeling on how they ‘jell’ as a team, however the same can be said for Brooklyn.

“Right now, they’re the team to beat,” Carter said Friday on SportsCenter, per Forbes. “I’m still going to give it to the Nets right now just because of all the talent they have,” Carter continued. “They have stars, they have MVPs, they have Kevin Durant, they have James Harden, they have Kyrie Irving”

“Right now the Lakers are the defending champ and I want to see the Lakers healthy and how they jell when they get back together,” Carter said on the defending champions. “And we can say the same for the Nets as well, but they just have a lot of weapons, but if the Lakers aren’t healthy, that’s a tough team to beat.”

The Nets are one game (38-18) back of the Philadelphia 76ers, who prevailed over the Clippers Friday. On the other hand, the Lakers dropped all the way to the 5th seed (34-22) as LeBron James and Anthony Davis remained out.

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