Photo: Jeff Haynes/Getty Images

Chicago big man Lauri Markkanen’s shooting numbers are off the charts this year, which should help the Bulls in his new bench role. Markkanen is having his most efficient season ever, putting up statistics of 49 FG%/38.9% 3PT/84.7% FT, and not to mention he’s also shooting 60.6% on 2 point shots. Bulls All Star Zach LaVine broke down what he’s seeing from Lauri’s offense off the bench after Thursday’s win over Toronto.

(Via Fanatics View Hoops):

“He’s being a lot more physical & assertive when he gets the ball low in the post, or if he gets it up top he’s being decisive with his moves. It’s a quick shot, a drive to the hole or he’s moving it. I think he’s in a nice little rhythm and the way he played today was good.”

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