Jared Dudley
Photo: NBA/Twitter

After winning their 17th NBA championship in 2020, the Los Angeles Lakers made rosters changes in order to build an even better team that would be able to repeat this year.

Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, Marc Gasol, Wesley Matthews joined the team this past offseason. Most recently the Lakers signed free agents Andre Drummond and Ben McLemore.

Jared Dudley was asked on LakeShow podcast if there are any difference between the team’s chemistry this year in comparison to last season.

“We have more talent so with more talent comes more adversity when it comes to adjusting,” the veteran forward said. “Like, Rondo, JaVale, Dwight they knew their role. We added two 17-point scorers. Me and Dennis Schroder had a good conversation last night… They have to mold and form their games into championship basketball. That’s difficult.

“Like, Montrezl was the Sixth Man. He was a 17-point scorer. We don’t need Montrezl Harrell to average 17. He can score 17 sometimes. We need him to play phenomenal defense, offensive rebound, when it’s his time score – score, when it’s his time to sacrifice – sacrifice.

“So for us Rondo, Dwight, JaVale they knew their role. So we got more talented. But now we have to figure out how to sacrifice and do a certain role that’s different from what you’ve done your whole career. Winning a championship is not easy.

“It’s supposed to be an adjustment, especially for players that never won. We’re going through that now. It’s difficult because the guys that are our leaders and are superstars are hurt. So it’s taking a little bit longer to adjust.”

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