Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar Anthony Davis responded to a motorcycle crash scene that involved his security guard, according to TMZ Sports.

The police said to TMZ that one person was transported to the hospital. Davis showed up after the incident, but it’s unclear if the person who was transported was his security guard.

TMZ provided the following details:

“It’s unclear if the person transported was AD’s security guard, but it’d be a safe bet that it was. We’re told by people close to AD that he simply showed up to check on his guybut we’ve been assured AD was not involved in the accident himself…and only showed up after the fact since he was nearby. What we do know for sure…AD’s security is said to be in stable condition.”

Davis arrived in LA the summer of 2019 helping the Lakers won the NBA championship last year. The eight-time All-Star is currently sidelined with a right calf strain.

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