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The Philadelphia 76ers have upgraded Paul Reed’s contract to a full-time deal a while ago. The Sixers’ veteran Dwight Howard recalled a story from the first time he met the rookie during the team’s training camp.

(via Sixerwire)

“The first day he came into training camp, the first thing he said was ‘Call me alley. Throw me alley-oops’, and I’m like, ‘Who in their right mind comes in and says call me alley?’” Howard recalled with a laugh.

“You at least say your first and last name and where you’re from, but he told us what he wanted and how he wanted it so I love it. I’m really happy for him and he and I love him like his little brother.”

Reed boosted his popularity during the G League ‘bubble’ in Orlando after earning the MVP honors. The Sixers are in the race for the NBA title this season, so it’s pretty tough for a rookie to show his capabilities in limited minutes.

However, Reed showed flashes that excited the Sixers fans, who are hoping that their team found a diamond in the rough in the rookie forward/center.

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