Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

The name of Montrezl Harrell surfaced in trade rumors as the trade deadline was approaching. In the end the 27-year-old center remained with the Los Angeles Lakers as no deal was made. After the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers he was asked how he felt playing a game while there were trade rumors surrounding him.

“To be honest with you as far as the whole trade deadline I don’t pay any attention,” Harrell, who had 20 points and 8 rebounds vs. the Sixers, said. “I mean guys you see the tweets and the different notifications coming across the TV and ticker and things like that .As far as the player, man, we really don’t have much we can really do about the situation, man.

“It’s more so talks throughout the team and your agent and kind of pieces that the team wants to move, man. You don’t really have too much of a say until basically it kind of comes out. So I don’t really kind of wrap myself around any of those type of things I don’t kind of get into it, man. I got a great agency with Klutch and Rich Paul. So I’ll leave that in their hands. I’m just trying to take care of what I can take care of here on the court.”