LeBron James is estimated to miss several weeks due an ankle injury that he suffered in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. However, sports analyst Skip Bayless does not buy into such timeline. According to him the Los Angeles Lakers star is more likely to return in a week rather that in a month.

The co-host of UNDISPUTED pointed at the fact that James played a possession after the injury and was able to walk to the locker room afterwards.

“I’m sorry but I cannot see LeBron missing “3 to 4 weeks minimum.” Right after the ankle was turned, he walked on it! He played a possession on it! He trotted on it! He walked under his own power to the locker room! He’s the most durable star ever! A month? How about a week?” Bayless tweeted.

The four-time NBA champion who turned 36-years-old last December is averaging 25.4 points, 7.9 rebounds and 7.9 assists per game in his 18th season in the NBA.

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