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Photo: upnewsinfo.com

Last year Giannis Antetokounmpo won his second straight MVP award, topping LeBron James by a significant margin of votes. Alex Caruso of the Los Angeles Lakers remembered the time that he and the team learned about who won the MVP.

“I think we were all together when we found out,” the 27-year-old NBA champion recalled. “I don’t think there was any big rally cry around it as a team. LeBron might have had that partially within himself. But he doesn’t need any extra motivation chasing after a championship. He was already pretty locked in. We were already pretty locked in. That might subliminally lit a fire under him, although there’s already a fire under him every time you’re in the playoffs.

“They can go out thee and do what they do and people vote for stuff. But at the end of the day players recognize greatness. I’m not saying that Giannis is not deserving of MVP. I mean, that dude is a monster. He is who he is. I think the best player in the world today, yesterday, for a while now has been LeBron. Obviously, I might be a little biased being his teammate and playing with him. But that’s just kind of how I feel.”

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