Steph Curry
Photo via warriors/twitter

Over the last couple of decades the NBA evolved into a three-point shooters’ league. More and more players focus their game on taking long-range shots rather than scoring points in other ways. The likes of Steph Curry or Damian Lillard who can shoot the lights out from beyond the arc only encourage the teams to build their offenses around three-point shots. Lately, logo shots are becoming casual.

However, the trend concerns the NBA insiders, as reported by Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN. The teams are taking 35 three-pointers per game on average. It makes the game monotonous and it appears that there is little to no effort on defense when it comes to defending such shots.

The league’s rule changes do not help in that regard either. With an emphasis on making the life easier for the attacking players, defenders have less options to do their job. Accordingly, it makes for teams to load their rosters with shooters as it an efficient way of running an offense.

But there might be some changes coming to the game. One way is to make the attacking players less protected. A radical rule change suggested by an anonymous source is to limit the number of long-shots that would count as three points. Each team would have a threshold of 20 three-pointers in the first 42 minutes of the game. After that number is reached, the shots would count as two points. In the middle of the fourth quarter the shots would again count as three points.

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