LeBron James
Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

LeBron James played 38 minutes as he scored 38 points, grabbed 5 rebounds and dished 6 assists against the Phoenix Suns. However, his performance was not enough to save the Los Angeles Lakers from the defeat. Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe graded LeBron’s performance afterwards.

“I gave him a B+ and would’ve given him an A if they had they won the ball game but I thought he had it goind,” he said on UNDISPUTED. “He did a great job of getting inside out, laying the ball up. He was attacking the rim. Had some nice mid-range shots, turn-around and from the lane, from the baseline. The three ball got going a little late. But I liked the way he tried to get the guys involved. There’s not a whole lot else he could do. He shot 66% from the floor and still wasn’t enough.”

Sharpe also called out the Lakers and head coach Fran Vogel for not defending the three-point line. “The Lakers are gonna need to make a decision. They are unwilling to guard the three-point line. You can’t keep losing, you can’t be -12, you can’t be -15, -20 from the three-point line and expect to win ball games. You can’t trade threes for twos.”

“I think a lot of this falls on Frank Vogel. He’s trying to experiment with lineups. You cannot have Wesley Matthews and Talen Horton[-Tucker] playing the same amount of minutes as Trez [Montrezl Harrell] when Trez is really the only big.”

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