Jimmy Butler
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The Boston Celtics wish that they drafted Jimmy Butler according to A. Sharrod Blakley of NBC Sports Boston. That is especially since the playoff run that he has had after leaving the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason.

Butler has averaged 21.8 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.2 assists this postseason. He has led the Miami Heat to their first conference finals since LeBron James ruled south beach. If the team is able to go to the Finals that will invigorate the franchise and add more excitement to the next season.

Boston Celtics assistant GM Mike Zarren talked about why he wishes that he drafted Butler:

“The one that we talk about the most internally is Jimmy Butler and JaJuan Johnson,” Zarren said.

“Every team has tons of these stories. We had it narrowed down to those two guys and picked the wrong one. We should have picked Jimmy and we didn’t.”

Jimmy Butler
Photo: John G. Mabanglo/EPA-EFE

The Boston Celtics had the opportunity to draft him but didn’t. Butler back then was more of a defensive type of player. Over the years though he has become one of the best two-way players in the league. At the time it didn’t seem like Butler would be great as he was drafted late in the first round. He has fought through pain in his life to become great.

Now in 2020 the Celtics and the Miami Heat face each other in the Eastern Conference Finals. We thought it was going to be the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers but shooting and perimeter defense proved superior in the Eastern Conference.

As teams retool next season both of these teams will look to get better. Making good decisions in the offseason has contributed both of these teams’ success. While the Celtics missed out on Jimmy Butler they have built a great team that has contended year in and year out.

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