Russell Westbrook Houston Rockets
Photo: David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Sports analyst Skip Bayless thinks the Houston Rockets will re-take the lead in the Western Conference semifinals series against the Los Angeles Lakers. He believes that the Rockets will win Game 3.

However, it will depend on Russell Westbrook’s performance, says Bayless. “I believe the Rockets will win Game 3. But the key to that is Russell Westbrook. He is a superstar. He’s still only 31 years of age which is the same as James Harden is. He has momentarily lost it, he said on UNDISPUTED.

“In the bubble in 5 playoff games he has lost it shooting 39% from the field and 17% form three,” Bayless referred to Russ’ playoff struggles. He has to get his act back together. He is a proud warrior and I believe he will figure it out how to do this. But he’s going to have to swallow that pride and quit shooting threes.”

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