The NBA is built upon style and swagger and has seen some iconic hairstyles through the years. Here are the five most iconic.

Alright, if you’ve clicked into this article then you know, as well as we all do, that times are tough right now. There are no NBA games at a time when the playoffs should be coming into focus. There might not be any NBA games to finish out this season at all.

We’re looking at professionals playing NBA 2K to pass the time, and marveling at how competitive Patrick Beverley can be playing a video game in his Los Angeles home. He walks around the room like he’s just taken a charge, nodding and looking at the ground the way that he does. It is the closest thing we have to the real thing right now.

But if we’re about to get behind a televised HORSE competition, which in fairness to the league is another way to stay relevant, drum up interest and include female and former players, then there is no reason why we can’t look back over some of the most iconic hairstyles to have graced the league through the years.

All lists are subjective, but this one probably even more so because well, hair preference is something that varies wildly from person to person. (I’m 29 and get a skin fade every three weeks. My girlfriend does not approve of the cut itself or the money required to continually go back to Diego for a fresh fade).

But what we’ve tried to do here is include all of the most iconic looks. The ones that you’re never going to forget, mostly for the right reasons, but perhaps the wrong ones as well. Lots of guys still didn’t make the cut though, hard as it was to leave out Dirk Nowitzki’s iconic mop or Chris Andersen’s mohawk. What we’re left with is the below, so let the arguments begin.

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