New York Knicks (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Even though the New York Knicks struggled this season, there were still some memorable games. Let’s take a look back at some of the best highlights.

The New York Knicks were unlikely to be playoff contenders, but there was an expectation that it would be a developmental year for the young core. Instead, fans had to watch veterans on short-term deals soak up a majority of minutes and play mediocre basketball.

However, even though it was less than stellar, there were still fun games throughout the season. Whether it was RJ Barrett getting it going towards the end of the season, or Frank Ntilikina starting to show some life, there were moments for Knicks fans to rally around.

Here, I rank the top five moments throughout the Knicks 2019-20 campaign (while we experience this lull of no sports due to COVID-19). And no, Steve Mills’ firing didn’t make the list. As much as Knicks fans would agree that Mills had to go, this ranking is strictly about basketball games. Plus, there is no gif yet of Mills being thrown out of Madison Square Garden like Jazzy Jeff being thrown out of Uncle Phil’s house (honestly, I’m shocked no one has made this yet).

I rank the games based on these criteria:

  1. Did it result in a win and what was the quality of the opponent?
  2. How many of the young guys played well?
  3. Is there any sentimental value to the game?

Now, on to the top five moments of the season.

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