LeBron James (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

LeBron James might be growing older, but that hasn’t halted his nightly display of excellence that continues to be maintained at the highest level.

A discouraging first run with the Los Angeles Lakers preceded an ideal summer for LeBron James in his pursuit of championship glory.

Failing to qualify for the postseason disappointed Laker Nation, but it provided James with the longest offseason he’s had since his sophomore season, a much-needed extended vacation after eight consecutive Finals appearances.

Then came the addition of Anthony Davis, the caliber of superstar player LA had lacked the season prior in order to make its title hopes realistic.

The overall wear and tear of a mid-30s body remained, but LeBron was hell-bent on making the most of every second of this season, a level of dedication that showed right up until the season was postponed.

His acceptance of the full-time point guard gig resulted in a career and league-best 10.6 assists to go with 25.7 points and 7.9 rebounds per game despite the fewest nightly minutes of his career.

The LeBron James of previous years may have coasted through a regular season he’d grown indifferent to out east. Somehow, this version has found a way to remain focused at all times, and it’s helped the Lakers to the top spot in the Western Conference at 49-14.

Should the season resume, Playoff LeBron will be a sight to behold after its absence for nearly two years.

Until then, it’s only right to take a look back at a season in which James has shattered expectations on every level to show the NBA world that last year was merely a hiatus for a level of greatness with no endpoint in sight.

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