NBA Mock Draft

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With the college season officially tipping off, it’s time for an early look at the 2020 NBA Draft with a fresh lottery mock to start the year.

With the 2019-20 NCAA men’s season officially underway, from an NBA draft perspective, it’s time to take a look at the first true lottery mock draft of the year.

Throughout the season, these mocks will be living, breathing documentations of the top prospects from the college and international ranks. Expect many changes from top to bottom, with old names being shown the door and new names breaking through for check-ins.

Each year, breakout stars emerge as the season rages on, the most recent notable example being the Atlanta HawksTrae Young. This is commonplace, as it’s nearly impossible to peg the top 30-60 guys right out of the gate, especially considering how many of those names end up being incoming freshman.

That being said, it’s important to create a foundation for what to look for. Remember what today’s NBA is all about: dribble, pass and shoot. Even the bigs in the modern game are getting more involved in these aspects along with their typical rim protection and rebounding duties.

Versatility rules the day and that’s what will be monitored as the countdown towards the 2020 NBA Draft shortens: who has the change to lead a franchise to a title? Who has enough wrinkles in their game to contribute right away? And who has enough talent and one clear-cut skill to propel them to a role in the league?

It’s far too early to determine if anyone has true bust potential, so a positive mindset is the focus, at least in this initial mock.

Let’s meet a projected top pick who’s already been met with plenty of skepticism.

*All NBA team projections/draft order sorted via ESPN’s Basketball Power Index.

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