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As the rookie extension deadline has passed, multiple NBA teams are left with brighter futures, but does that mean they got the most value?

Before each NBA season, several teams are forced into the negotiating room to hash out potential extensions for their respective players entering the final year of their rookie contracts, taking them out of the free agency pool the following summer.

As the 2019-20 campaign neared, the 2016 NBA Draft class was no different. More so, actually, as quite a few talented youngsters were very public in their pursuit of lucrative deals, especially after watching the likes of Ben Simmons, Jamal Murray and Caris LeVert already cash in.

The Oct. 21 deadline has now passed and the season is under way. While notable names like Brandon Ingram and Bogdan Bogdanovic are destined for restricted free agency after failing to agree to terms with their organizations, others were shown faith and locked up for the foreseeable future.

Coming to terms was a push-and-pull affair by both front office and player, but the ink is dried and these contracts are set in stone.

Accounting for factors like age and upside, how these varying contracts look in the present day might not be the case just a year down the line. This isn’t to say any team got a particularly raw end of the deal, but several factors determine the overall outlook of its image moving forward

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